Business Continuity Plan Summary

Duff & Phelps maintains a comprehensive contingency plan for business continuity and recovery in the event of an unexpected disruption in operations. Plans and processes are documented and kept ready to support the timely recovery of critical business units, systems and processes in the event of a natural disaster or other disruption.

A disaster recovery facility and services are maintained and routinely tested for readiness and efficacy. Our business continuity program continuously assesses business impacts, updates business continuity plans and validates the plans through testing.

Agreements with facilities and information service providers ensure that operations can continue and information can be received regardless of the location of facilities. Similar provisions are in place with data service providers, for application systems and operational services, to assure that they can provide necessary support in the event of any interruption to Duff & Phelps based services. Our business continuity program also strives to ensure that business partners have current business continuity and disaster recovery plans for their operations.

In the event of a business disruption affecting Duff & Phelps’ home office location, the Disaster Recovery Team will implement a recovery strategy based on the severity and nature of the incident. Duff & Phelps anticipates that it will be able to continue business in the event of a disaster by relocating necessary personnel to alternate locations and/or utilizing key service providers.